EquaFlow Manifolds (Optical)

Optical Preclinical Imaging

EquaFlowTM Rat & Mouse Manifolds from In Vivo Concepts are durable, plastic, nose cone assemblies with hyper-branching in order to provide equal flow of anesthesia to each port while also simultaneous scavenging waste gas. These manifolds insure that all animals remain anesthesized during imaging and most importantly, that researchers and technicians are not subjected to noxious, gaseous anesthesia during imaging experiments. The advantages of EquaFlowTM Manifolds are tangible features developed by our staff of Imaging Specialists from many years of small animal imaging experience.


Ergonomics are maximized as the animals lay in a natural, flat position

Integrated Hyper-Branched for Equal Anesthesia Flow & Waste Gas Scavenging

Next-Gen Manifolds Offer an Unobstructed View of the Entire Animal

Available in 3-Port, 4-Port, 5-Port and 8-Port Designs for Mice

Innovations within EquaFlow Technology


Gas is delivered equally to each nose cone, thus preventing unwanted animal awakening. In addition, reduced isoflurane flow rates are needed to sustain anesthesia, thus reducing overall cost of gas and anesthetic


Harmful waste gas is scavenged at the nose cone before it can expose research staff


Animals lay in a flat, natural position during anesthesia, with no head torqueing.