Preclinical Anesthesia Accessories

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Manifolds / EquaFlow™

EquaFlow™ Rat & Mouse Manifolds from In Vivo Concepts are durable, plastic, nose cone assemblies with hyper-branching in order to provide equal flow of anesthesia to each port while also simultaneous scavenging waste gas.

Our Manifolds


Airtight, optically pure (top and bottom) boxes for housing up to 10 small mice for optical in-vivo imaging applications.

Our Systems

Nose Cones

Waste gas exposure frequently occurs during benchtop procedures with anesthetized animals. The Nose Cone Design also preserves the animal ergonomics as it prevents the gas exposure.

Our Nose Cones


Our Stereotactics

Solid Design For Research

We work across all preclinical imaging modalities including optical (bioluminescence, fluorescence and digital x-ray), PET/SPECT/CT, MRI and photo acoustic.

Our Technology

IVC technology addresses three main problems within the pre-clinical anesthesia delivery space. First, the efficiency of delivery to multiple ports is dramatically enhanced by our patented hyperbranching technology, such that equal flows of gas evenly distributed. This has two practical outcomes:

1) Animal awakening at distal ports is dramatically reduced, and

2) Lower overall gas flows are needed, saving research funds on isoflurane and gas tank usage.

Next, the hyperbranching strategy is also utilized to route active scavenging ports to the periphery of each nose cone, such that waste gas is scavenged (under vacuum) before it leaves the port. The technology was validated to scavenge 99.999% of waste gas during studies at NIH. Finally, ergonomics are vastly improved since the animals lay in a natural, flat position. As a bonus, numerous other features have been implemented for imaging, including optically silent plastics, unobstructed views of the specimen from above and below, facile imaging of up to 10 mice, and the creation of HEPA filtered control chambers.